Ceramic wash basin, glass basin, which kind of basin to choose

Whether it is a ceramic basin or a glass basin, it depends on its finish and brightness. Products with high smoothness, pure color, not easy to get dirty and dirt, easy to clean, good self-cleaning. The products with high brightness index use high-quality glaze materials and very good glazing technology, which have good reflectivity to light, uniformity, and good visual effects, which appear to be of high quality. Pay attention to the specific purchase:
Ceramic basin:

The lower the water absorption, the better the product

Water absorption index means that ceramic products have a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water. The lower the water absorption, the better. If water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will expand to a certain extent, which will easily cause the glaze on the ceramic surface to crack due to swelling. Especially for toilets, products with high water absorption rate can easily absorb dirt and peculiar smell in the water into the ceramics. After a long time of use, they will produce unremovable peculiar smells. According to the national standard, sanitary ceramics with lower water absorption rate are high-grade ceramics.

Glass basin: depends on the glass

Whether it is tempered or strengthened

The glass basin must be tempered, but it is difficult to judge with the naked eye whether it is tempered or not. Therefore, if the manufacturer says that the basin is tempered glass, the salesperson can directly ask the salesperson to do a tap test with a blunt tool. If the opponent dare not knock, it is probably not tempered glass. However, one of the characteristics of tempered glass is that the corners are very fragile due to the concentration of stress, and accidental collisions can easily cause the entire product to be completely broken.

Countertop with glass basin

Should be thickened tempered glass

The corners of the glass countertop of the glass basin are easily bumped during use. Therefore, the glass countertop is generally made of thickened tempered glass for better safety. Because tempered glass does not have the stress concentration characteristics of tempered glass, it is both beautiful and practical. .

Ask for the upper temperature limit when buying a glass basin

Because the glass itself has poor resistance to temperature changes, and the glass used for basins is generally thick and needs to be processed by bending and other processes, there are huge internal stresses that need to be released, and the resistance to temperature changes is even worse, so tempered glass It often needs special treatment to have a certain resistance to temperature changes. Otherwise, it will burst easily when the hot and cold water is suddenly switched. Therefore, when some supermarkets sell glass basins, they often mark the highest temperature or degree in the attitude of being responsible for consumers. When buying glass basins, you must pay attention to the upper limit of the temperature to avoid damage caused by improper use.

Glass washbasin is the latest trend, while ceramic washbasin has been the mainstream for many years. Which one to choose depends on the overall style of your bathroom.