how to choose a integrated bathroom sink?

How to choose integrated bathroom sink, pedestal basin, wall-mounted basin

It is recommended to choose a basin with a pedestal or wall-mounted basin if the length of the countertop is less than 70 cm. If the counter basin is selected, it will not only affect the installation effect, but it is also difficult to choose the basin.

It is recommended to choose pedestal basin or wall-mounted basin for low utilization rate, which is simple in vision and easy to install and use.

If the width of the countertop is greater than 50 cm and the length is greater than 70 cm, you can consider choosing a basin, because the choice of basin is large at this time

Large bathroom space area can choose wash basin or integrated wash basin (bathroom cabinet)

How to identify the pros and cons of ceramic basins

The quality of ceramic basins is the most important type of glazed surface, because a good glazed ceramic basin has a long service life and is not dirty, so it should be cleaned:

Look: Look at the light and observe from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles. A good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, sand holes and bubbles, and the surface should be smooth, reflective of light and smooth and even.

Touch: gently touch the surface of the ceramic basin with your hand, the hand feels very smooth and delicate. The back can also be touched, and there should be a fine friction feeling of “sand”.

Knock: Knock the surface of the ceramic basin with your hand, the sound produced by a good ceramic material is very crisp.

Matching of accessories and environment

When buying a faucet, consider the height of the basin, especially the above counter basin, so that the faucet is not high enough

Pay attention to the conditions of the installation location of the basin, such as whether it will affect the door handle, whether there is a suitable drainage port, whether there is a water pipe in the wall of the installation position.