How to design the space above the toilet

For most people’s decoration, the space behind the toilet is generally equipped with a water tank, and then at most, a towel bar is installed above the toilet. There is nothing wrong with this design, but for a bathroom with a small area, the space behind the toilet is really a waste! Today, Alan will give you tips on how to make good use of the space above the toilet.

  1. Closet storage

The bathroom is a space with a lot of clutter. A wall cabinet is installed behind the toilet for storage, which can conveniently store the bathroom supplies. If the area of ​​the bathroom is large enough, or there is extra storage, the storage wall behind the toilet can be decorated with some green plants and potted plants to increase the mood; for the ultra-small bathroom, the space behind the toilet can be installed. Storage cabinets are used to store bathroom supplies, and small green plants can also be placed.

  1. Shelf storage
    Compared with the wall hanging, the partition frame will be more concise, making the space less crowded. Bathroom supplies + decorations can be placed on the shelf to make the small bathroom more beautiful.
    The multi-layer and abundant partition racks are installed with different items to be classified and stored, which is also very beautiful and tidy. A pot of green plants and a picture are placed on the shelf to make the bathroom more refreshing.

A towel bar is installed above the shelf, which is relatively practical. Combine the partition shelf with the storage cabinet of the wash basin, so that the overall visual sense will be more unified.

  1. Lengthened mirror cabinet
    If the wash basin and toilet are arranged side by side, the mirror cabinet can be lengthened to increase the storage space and make the space more uniform and beautiful. Add a storage shelf under the mirror cabinet, it’s very beautiful!

The storage closet into the wall, and the cabinet surface is integrated with the mirror surface of the wash basin, which is unified, simple and practical.