What should I do if there is a crack in the ceramic wash basin and leaking, do it like this is not leaking and convenient

Ceramic wash basins play a very important role in our personal hygiene cleaning. The use is very high. So what should I do if the washbasin has cracks and leaks? We can discuss it together.

  1. Repair with glass glue

If the gap between the ceramic wash basin is not obvious, you can choose the simplest way, which is to repair with glass glue. The operation is to inject glass glue into the gap of the basin. Then after waiting for a while, the glass glue is cured. Use a knife to remove the excess glass glue.

His method is relatively simple and very easy to operate, but it also has a disadvantage that it is very unsightly after repairing. At the same time, if the part where the excess glass glue is removed is not operated well, it is possible to draw the basin again. If the family does not have high requirements for appearance, you can choose this method.

2, repair with repair agent

Before using the repair agent to repair, you must carefully clean up the area that needs to be repaired. If possible, the area can be polished, and then the curing agent and the base material must be mixed. During this process, the two must be mixed. Mix well.

Finally, apply the mixed material evenly to the area to be repaired. This is best to apply layer by layer. Finally, wait for the paint to solidify.

  1. Daily maintenance of ceramic wash basin

Although the ceramic wash basin has cracks that can be repaired, we should try our best to pay attention to it during use in daily life. Do not wash other clothes in the basin, and use hard objects to hit the ceramic wash basin. This is very easy to cause cracks. Or directly damage the ceramic wash basin. For family use, the gains outweigh the losses.