wall-hung intelligent smart sensor woman electronic bidet toilets wc 2032

Model No.
Nano Self-cleaning Glaze
ABS Soft Close Seat Cover
Flushing method Super spin Siphonic flushing
Installation Wall mounted
Power Supply 110V-220V
Power cord length 1.5M
Foam + Carton

wall-hung intelligent smart sensor woman electronic bidet toilets wc

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1.Rear wash
2.Feminine wash
3.Water filter
4.Self-cleaning nozzles
5.Anti-bacteria seat
7.Auto Flush(No usage for every 72 hours)
8.Heated water for wash(4 levels)
9.Heated seat(4-level adjustment)
10.Warm wind for dryer(4 levels)
11.Soft closing
12.Massage wash
13.Nozzle moves backward & forward for wash
14.Nozzle position adjustable
15.Water pressure adjustable
16.FM radio
17.Imitation flush
18.Auto lid
19.Night light
20.One-button operation
21Auto Flush
22.Easy operation
23.Easy installation
24.Power-saving mode
25.Auto activate to work when use
26.6L/4L flush(auto selection)
27.6L/4L flush(manual)
28.Sesor activation
29.Self-cleaning nozzles
30.Anti frozen(in winter)
31.Anti heating without water
32.Protection device(if temperature is abnormal)
33.Leakage protection
34.Auto Drainage
35.Voice alarm
36.Heater: 600W
37.Power: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60H

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