How to choose ceramic washbasins? Good looking and easy cleaning can coexist

Purchasing ceramic washbasins is also a matter of knowledge. Take a chestnut, alan was on a business trip and stayed in a non-star hotel. However, the washbasin in the bathroom is a marble above counter basin, square, but small in size and high in height. Washing your face and hands, leaking a lot of water On the basin, the experience is very bad. In addition, the aunt who feels distressed about cleaning has a lot of horns. So, the question is, in daily life, how should we buy ceramic basins?

 When buying ceramic basins, Alan believes that two principles are very important. One is the appearance and the other is easy to clean.

   Tips for buying ceramic basins: simple appearance

   Ceramic wash basins are mainly divided into two types: above counter basin and under counter basin. Above counter basin, as the name suggests, the basin is higher than the countertop of the cabinet body, because the basin is exposed more, it can be made in a variety of shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, square, and even some personalized artistic shapes.

  Under counter basin, that is, the basin is inserted into the cabinet, and the edge of the basin is flush with the countertop. This installation method limits its shape. But a good ceramic basin has a delicate and smooth surface and a very texture. In addition, there is an integrated ceramic basin, that is, both the basin and the basin are made of ceramics and are integrally formed, which is also very elegant and beautiful.

   Tips for buying a basin: easy to clean

   First of all, from the perspective of shape, as mentioned above, above counter basins are prone to hygienic blind spots, which are relatively difficult to clean. The one-piece ceramic basin is seamless, with smooth lines, and is well managed. Secondly, in terms of material, the ceramic basin is fired at high temperature, the surface is glazed, it is not easy to scratch, relatively speaking, it is easy to take care of, even if there are cracks, it can be repaired. If it is a natural material such as marble, the texture is beautiful and unique, but if there are cracks, water stains can easily penetrate.

   The above are a few tips for buying a ceramic wash basin. Of course, how to buy a ceramic wash basin depends on personal preferences, needs and budget, and comprehensive consideration can be used to better buy satisfactory products.

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